All At Once


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This is the first of three EPs that we plan to release in a series. The next one is due to come out in a couple of months- stay tuned.

To make it easier to follow the story, lyrics are available by clicking on the each song individually.


released October 28, 2016

Tyler Bernhardt- vocals and guitar
Adam Cirillo- drums and percussion
Brian Fox- bass, synth, kaossilator

Produced by Feralie
Mix/Masterd by Luke Moellman
Artwork by David Foarde



all rights reserved


FERALIE New Haven, Connecticut

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Track Name: Wake Me Up
Tear apart the fabric of my heart
Lie until trust turns into a stark silhouette
Suffocate on dull threats bruises 
Watch me come apart

Is anybody out there?
I'm caught in a nightmare, wake me up

Somber, sober, you've been overrun
Lethargic senses wake up feeling numb
A horizontal fix to steal some life from anyone

Is anybody out there?
Walking out on unanswered prayers
Suffering with eyes wide shut
I'm caught in a nightmare, wake me up
Track Name: Grip
I'm on the outside looking at
A zombie paradox
Left in the abyss to suffer
Lost in my thoughts

This society
Is tightening it's grip on me
Ecstasy comes when set free
Fate, Something real
Revenge is sorrow that i feel
Revolt against a mass appeal

I'm coming
Just as time slows down

A moral anarchist
That cannot follow through
With one thing leads to another fix
Anarchists crawl into

This society 
Is tightening it's grip on me
Ecstasy comes when set free
Feed my empty skull
Blackout the dull, unyeilding
Egocentric mass appeal
Track Name: No. 4
Flood rush, explode into
A blissful lust for everything
Dissipate the fear and woe
That follows where i go

At ease swaddled by
Beautiful to be alive
In a sea of sun 
I start to close my eyes

Stoned dreams wake surreal
Answering to never was
Sink into another feel
Deep within a love

Immune to ostracized
Immune to lies
In a sea of sun 
I start to close my eyes
Track Name: It's Gonna Be Alright
Far past long before
Unattained, open doors
Compose childhood folklore
I've outgrown

I know it's gonna be alright

Painted pictures of distortion
Fuel hunger driven reinforcement
An escape from a misfortunate low

I know it's gonna be alright

Who is this person
I misread
There's no time to feel
To get ahead
All at once a sound
Fades to red, oh no
Time stopped dead.