Everything That's Dark

by Feralie

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Two of three.

To make it easier to follow the story, lyrics are available by clicking on the each song individually.


released January 29, 2018

Tyler Bernhardt- vocals and guitar
Adam Cirillo- drums and percussion
Brian Fox- bass, synth, kaossilator

Produced by Feralie
Mix/Masterd by Luke Moellman
Artwork by David Foarde


all rights reserved



Feralie Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Track Name: Special Hell
Silence shot into a room
Terror saturated by
Lifeless on the floor unrecognized

Red soaks wood towards my feet
As white surrounds the idle glare
Painting over denial with despair

Pockets full an exit lit
Remorse gasps a final breathe
Asphyxiate the last sign of regret

Disdain any sight of pain
This trip shouldn’t feel so long
Lost in-between good and too far gone.

Never gonna get free
From this feeling
Inside of me

Step into the trap
A bag of empty objects that radiate
A great escape from time hard to relate with

Barter, unpack inside
A natural habitat for desperate people
Wrapped in their way to live

Daytime outshines storyline
Everything that’s dark
Illuminated by sun in my heart

Melting the reflection of
A feral lie at home nowhere
Blinded by alone in disrepair

Never gonna get free
From this feeling
Inside of me
Track Name: Run
Blood run cold took hold of my
Apathetic high and replaced
An empty space

Bad news explodes into
A rapid pulse that I cannot control
Telling me to go

Run away, Disapear
There’s nothing left for me here
In too deep, over my head
Break out from under it

Shape into another place
To find a better face in time
Other than mine

Further than I thought I saw
A future for calling me home

Run away, Disapear
There’s nothing left for me here
In too deep, over my head
Break out from under it

Go, Get lost tomorrow
Go, Where no one knows my name
Go, Forget about everything
Track Name: Hiding In Shadows
There’s no way out
My skin holds in
An evil that has always been
Hiding in shadows

Me when I
Was far too young to recognize
They’re wherever i go

The devil stood
While purity cut loose and died
As if it had outgrown

Who I was
What I felt
Hating the days I was dealt
Spread quickly to my bones

I’m no longer feeling
How I thought I should
Taken by surreal and
Left misunderstood
Happiness is pleasing
If I only could be
Track Name: Good Mourning
I don’t want to, but I talk to it
Pictures fade like our name
Torn apart welcomes regret
How do I do this?
How does someone
Grieve when answers never come
Taken from me
I’ll hunt as long as I need
And setup traps so I can see
You fall through

You’ll feel fate start
Happening too fast
To escape retaliation or fallback
On anything
Uninvited, chasing
You down
Six feet into the ground
I’ll be there as you shout

What have I done to
You don’t have a clue
I’m too young to die

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